10" x 10" Acrylic on Canvas

(Click above for full video tutorial.)


I go through waves of good and bad, ups and downs, fear and confidence. It seems when I hit a growth spurt in my business, it stretches my comfort level and it rattles my confidence. I constantly try to keep my negative self-talk in check, but sometimes I still let it get the best of me.
Whenever I’ve been this uncomfortable with my success in the past, I usually do something to self-sabotage it. This time I committed to myself that I will follow this through and follow my heart the entire way.
It’s scary.
What does all this have to do with abundance? I’ve figured out a while ago when I align my purpose with Gods will (or the universe if that’s your jam), abundance flows freely and easily. Being in this flow feels natural and right. As I was completing this painting, my flow went from overflowing to nearly stopping. Suddenly everything turned upside down and what was working before, no longer worked.
I get easily frustrated when things don’t go as I expected. I hear this is a trait in autistic individuals and I totally get the welling up of frustration. When I get out of my rhythm or flow and things change (even for the better), that’s when everything in my life seems to go poorly.
I’m happy to say I’m finding a new flow and it feels more comfortable. I tend to want to be completely self-reliant, but my lesson in this piece is that I need help from others, and I can’t do this by myself.