Acrylic on 12" Vinyl Record

(Click above for full video tutorial.)


I wanted to start off the new year with a piece inspired by nature. It's barely winter, and I'm already ready for spring to arrive. The first signs of spring start budding in February with the Crocus which are a delicate flower that buds close to the ground.
This was a fun project after I worked the kinks out. I started this piece off using a different color palette, but as you will witness in the video, I quickly had to change course. The further along I went, the more wrong it felt! 
I nearly tossed the piece but a sweet friend of mine convinced me to stick with it and keep going. I forever appreciate the encouragement because by the time this piece was complete, the playfulness and joy came through splendidly.
The colors I used are an analogous color palette which means they are all next to each other on the color wheel. I also wanted to take the color palette exclusively from the Arteza Metallics set. This is my most favorite of all color sets because of the vibrancy of the metallics and how rich and diverse the colors are. In the video, I talk about the 'personality' of this paint and how I personally love using it.

The Arteza Metallic Colors used are listed as follows:

  • Pearl Raspberry Red
  • Pearl Magenta
  • Pearl Rose
  • Pearl Hot Pink
  • Pearl Pink
  • Pearl Rose Quartz
  • Pearl Sky Blue
  • Pearl Lilac
  • Pearl Royal Purple
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