8" x 8" Acrylic on Canvas

A spectacular gas giant living in our solar system. It’s full of toxic gasses and exotic storms. In this mandala, I depict my version of what Jupiter looks like viewing it from its South Pole. It’s probably a different view than what most people are used to seeing. Where’s the big red dot!?! (It’s shrinking BTW).
A friend of mine recently had an autistic meltdown and if you are autistic, you know how big your feelings can get and how frustrating it can be to sort them out enough to verbalize it during the meltdown.
The meltdown was perfectly described as big as Jupiter and they are right. There are so many complex emotions and storms raging inside your head and body, you struggle to keep your sanity while holding it all together. But maybe sometimes you can’t hold it all together.
And that’s ok.
I’ve found it so helpful to figure out my triggers and navigating the proper doses of the right medications.
This is for my fellow autistics. Please enjoy this visual stim. This one is for you.