Rahmat Mustofa

Meet Rahmat Mustofa

Rahmat Mustofa giving a thumbs up sign next to a large mandala painting.

Rahmat Mustofa is an Indonesian artist who has partnered with Christina Lee to sell his unique handcrafted art pieces. His hand-carved items are a favorite among Christina’s followers as well as his own.

Born and raised in West Java, where he began his art career early. His parents inspired him in equal portions: his father gave him wood and a carving knife, and his mother, a paintbrush. His love for art and natural ability became clear, and he started a calligraphy apprenticeship as soon as he graduated from
high school. He started dot painting professionally in 2015 and eventually gained an Instagram following of over 20,000, all of whom love seeing the artistry and elegance of every piece.

Mustofa’s art is second to his love for his family, though, and he is dedicated to his wife Indah and daughter Elsa. Although he worked night and day to provide a life for them with his art, they did not have a home of their own. A fellow dotting artist steered Christina Lee toward his incredible creations which she promptly offered to sell for him on her website. In 2022, Christina and the dotting community came together in an extraordinary way, raising enough funds for Mustofa to purchase a small piece of land on which he was able to build a home for his family, where they now live happily. He is working toward his next big goal, which is to provide an education for his daughter and someday send her to college.

In addition to being a phenomenal artist and craftsman, Mustofa is also a humble and grateful individual. He is forever thankful for the outpouring of love and friendship from people he has never met, who have helped him in ways he had never thought possible. Christina is honored to partner with him and Mustofa Art as they achieve more dreams together.