Twin Flame Stone

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The theory of the twin flame has one soul but is divided into two bodies. Often the twin flames can be exact opposites of each other but fit together perfectly.
When I first started this piece, I really didn’t understand much about the meaning behind it except two people experience some sort of cosmic attraction that is unexplainable. But the more I thought about it and worked through this piece, there were many revelations I had.
Relationships are not easy.
In fact, they can be extremely difficult at times. I think it is practically guaranteed if you are with someone long enough, there will be a point in your relationship where you wonder if it’s worth giving up.
I was in Mass this morning and was moved by the story the priest shared. It was one of those moments that make you pause and remember what life really is about.
The story was about a family, husband and wife, with two children. The wife had clinical depression and found herself in bed most days. Half the time she couldn’t seem to make dinner and when the husband got home from work he would blow up at her. He got so fed up with it he divorced her for not meeting his expectations. It broke the family as most divorces do. It was said the kids would have preferred a mother who was in bed all the time over being shuffled around between one parent to the next.
At the end of his life, the husband begged his ex-wife and children’s forgiveness for not stepping in and being the “sun to her solar system”. (Me being a space junky, this is where I got choked up.) He admitted he completely blew it when she needed him most. How different life could have been for that family if he could have felt compassion for his spouse and got her the help she desperately needed instead of taking the selfish way out.
After my divorce from my first husband I swore I would never marry again. I was happily single for seven years when I met my second husband. He was everything I wasn’t.
It was exciting and thrilling to meet someone with whom I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life. We eloped after only knowing each other for a few months.
That was when the honeymoon was over. We spent the next eight years figuring out what it means to love someone in the context of a marriage. The more comfortable and trusting we were with each other, the more we could figure out ways to complement each other.
It took me several years of counseling and good medications to figure out it doesn’t have to be so complex and angsty all the time.
My husband has shown so much compassion for me over the years and has taught me what it means to love without judgment and to help me when I need.
Successful verbal communication has been the most difficult tool for me to develop. I know my husband would get extremely frustrated with me when I had a nonverbal meltdown.
Luckily, he was patient enough with me and I have been able to feel comfortable enough with him to create an environment where that doesn’t happen anymore.
The key to our success is that we never gave up on each other.
My point in all this is that love is a choice. The twin flame can happen right away, but personally I think it is something for which you really must work hard to achieve.
What is necessary is deciding how you choose to show love.
Do you show love in a loving and compassionate way, or do you choose to show love in a harsh and judgmental way?
Only one way will lead you to your twin flame.