License Agreement
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License Agreement

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The purchase of this license requires a DocuSign signature. Agreement will be written exclusively for the license.

Once purchased, forward the email receipt to along with the following:

1. Person's name on the agreement

2. Title of piece 

3. Website address where art will be sold


Each design will require a new agreement.


Excerpts of Agreement

Second 1: Grant of License

A. This AGREEMENT permits (5) five copies to be reproduced exclusively by the Licensee.

B. The Licensee may recreate the piece in any physical medium such as, acrylic, oil, pastel, clay, chalk, watercolor, ink, canvas, wood, vinyl, resin or any other physical medium.

C. The Licensee is permitted to use photographs of the reproduction, for advertising related to the sale of the licensed copy. The use of Christina Lee’s original images or work is not permitted.

D. Licensee has the right to post images of the reproduced work to social media, personal website, and online store or shop with proper annotation. Crediting Christina Lee for the design must be annotated in the description where ever the image is posted. See Section 4.


Section 2: No Assignment or Transfer

A. Licensee acknowledges that it shall not transfer, resell, or assign the license to another entity.

Section 3: Restrictions

Limited Use. Licensee is only permitted to use license as specifically stated in the Agreement. Any use beyond this agreement is prohibited.

B. Digital Use. Digital reproductions of art work is strictly prohibited. This includes Christina Lee’s original designs AND Licensee’s reproduction. The ONLY exception is to photograph the reproduced work for the use of marketing with the intent to sell the work of art.

C. Reproduction and Printing. Reproducing the original piece in print form, digital or otherwise is strictly prohibited. This includes sticker, prints, clothing, or any digital art.

D. Publications: Publishing by a third party is strictly prohibited.

E. The Licensee does not have any rights to this deign except as stated above in the agreement.


Section 4: Credit Annotation

A. Reproduced with permission from Christina Lee (YEAR). Copyright (YEAR) Christina Lee Dot Meditation Âû. 

Section 6: Documentation

A. Records of each sale of the licensed copy must be retained by the Licensee. Records include the following information, see form attached as EXHIBIT B.

1. Name of Purchaser

2. Price of licensed copy sold

3. Date sold

Section 7: Ownership and Use of Artwork

A. Christina Lee will retain all ownership of the artwork and all intellectual property rights.

Section 10: Termination

A. This Agreement shall be null and void if any part of this agreement has been violated.

B. Licensee will stop the sale, advertising, and reproduction of art work immediately upon termination.

C. Termination under this clause shall not affect any other rights or remedies Licensor may have.

D. No refunds shall be issued if termination is warranted.