Special Order for Tami 20 Sets of 8 Acrylic Rod and 5 Ball Stylist Dotting Tools - Dot Shop

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Set of 8 acrylic rod dotting tools perfect for creating dot art. 
Comes with plastic pouch.
Rod sizes are as follows:
Green: 15mm
Yellow: 12mm
Pink: 10mm
Blue: 8mm
Purple: 6mm
Clear: 5mm
Clear: 4mm
Clear: 3mm
15cm length

Set of 5 ball stylists perfect for making smaller dots. 

Ball tip sizes are as follows:
-Green: 1.5mm/3.0mm
-Blue:  1.5mm/2.5mm
-White: 1.5mm/2.0mm
-Yellow: 1.5mm/1.0mm
-Pink: 1.5mm/0.8mm
Tool Length: 13mm/5.1in